Domestic Water Disinfectant – HOCL – Effervescent Tablet – 1.25g x 30

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Directions for Use:
1 x 1.25g Tablet makes 4 to 6 ppm per 25 litres when mixed with water, the tablet will dissolve in around 2 minutes.
After filling Container, add one tablet, and let the water settle for a minimum of 30 minutes for it to kill pathogens in the water.
Filter water with a cloth to remove debris and turbidity if necessary.
NanoPure is safe for human consumption at the PPM after mixing.

Warning 1st Aid – Tablet before Mixing
Keep in a cool, dry place, away from children, and keep the container closed.
Keep away from sources of ignition.
NanoPure has bleaching properties. For your own safety, rinse your hands after use.
In case of direct eye contact, flush the eye out with water.
If indigested, rinse mouth out with water, seek medical treatment if necessary

Each Tablet contains 51% Sodium
Dichloroisocyanurate.(NaDCC)0.008% Quantum Nanosilver.(AgNP)

All NanoPure Ingredients have been approved by:

A Product of South Africa

ISO Certified


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