Premium Surface Disinfectant

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NanoPure Effervescent Tablets are NRCS Approved no:8054/296309/1198
For Industrial, Domestic, Institutional, Food, and Medical areas, for Bactericidal/ Fungicidal/Yeasticidal and Sporicidal.
Meets SANS and International ( BS/EN ) standards.

Warning 1st Aid – Keep in a cool dry place away from children and keep the container closed. Keep away from sources
of ignition and other chemicals. Not for human consumption. Only dilute with water and no other chemicals. Do not store with other chemicals.
NanoPure has bleaching properties. For your own safety wear PPE clothing. In case of direct eye contact flush the eye out with water.
If digested wash your mouth out with water, and seek medical treatment if necessary. Discard the unused diluted solution. See directions of use. Keep tablet away
from foodstuff.

The direction of use – 1x 3.25g tablet makes a 1250ppm per lt. ONLY DILUTE IN WATER, the tablet will dissolve in around 3 minutes. See the chart on Container for disinfecting options. Spray NanoPure solution on surfaces and let self-dry. The efficacy of the dissolved solution may be compromised if sprayed on a heavily soiled surface. NanoPure must not be mixed with other
chemicals and may remain active for up to 14 days after the effervescent tablet has been diluted, depending on storage conditions.
NanoPure tablets dissolved in water make HOCL and KILLS harmful pathogens at 99.999% @ 250ppm.

Composition: Each Tablet contains 51% Sodium
Dichloroisocyanurate.(NaDCC)0.008% Quantum
Nanosilver. (AgNP)

A Product of South Africa

ISO Certified


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